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  1. Can I add a pre-qualification question to my job applications?

  2. Can I add my Event to your Events Listings?

  3. Can I advertise in the PharmiWeb eNewsletter?

  4. Can I advertise my company/product on

  5. Can I advertise my jobs on PharmiWeb?

  6. Can I change the date of my event on

  7. Can I get an RSS feed of Jobs I'm interested in?

  8. Can I Integrate with Broadbean (or other posting system)

  9. Can I post a Press Release?

  10. Can I post jobs through a Posting Service like Broadbean?

  11. Can I publish more than one job when using PAYG?

  12. Can I see some example newsletters?

  13. Can I upgrade my Pay-As-You-Go account to a full Corporate Account?

  14. Do you publish editorial features on PharmiWeb?

  15. How can I change my email address?

  16. How Can I Get Emails About New Matching Jobs?

  17. How can I get information about candidates who apply for my jobs?

  18. How can I make my Job Stand out on PharmiWeb?

  19. How do I add a user to my Job Posting or CV search account?

  20. How do I add my Press Release to PharmiWeb?

  21. How do I cancel Job Alert Emails?

  22. How do I change my email address

  23. How do I delete my profile on

  24. How do I edit a press release that I've just posted?

  25. How do I get my Job Featured in the eNewsletter?

  26. How do I go about getting a job as...

  27. How Do I Know What's Happening To My Job Application?

  28. How do I remove a user from my job posting / CV database account?

  29. How do I see the CVs of the candidates who have applied for my jobs?

  30. How do I unsubscribe from eMail Newsletters

  31. How do I update my CV?

  32. How do I update the "top jobs" in my Job Posting Account?

  33. How long does it take to get my press release approved?

  34. How many job applications have I received?

  35. How much does it cost to advertise a job on

  36. How much does it cost to post a job?

  37. How often does your email newsletter go out?

  38. I added the wrong CV to my Job Application - can I change it?

  39. I can't log in to my CV Search

  40. I deleted my profile, so why do I still get recruitment agencies contacting me?

  41. I have a banner advert on PharmiWeb - How can I update it?

  42. I have a job that expired - how do I get it back?

  43. I've applied for a job, but not heard anything back!

  44. I've posted a single job, how do I add my company logo?

  45. If I advertise my job, can I send candidates to my site to apply?

  46. If I post my job, will you guarantee to fill my vacancy?

  47. My event has been cancelled - how do I remove it from the listings?

  48. What happens to my press release once its submitted?

  49. What is the acceptance criteria for Press Releases?

  50. What job functions can I assign to my job post?

  51. What Job functions can I assign to my posting

  52. What kind of response rate should I expect for my job posting?

  53. What kind of response rate should I expect?

  54. What length should a feature article be?

  55. What size of banner can I use on my account?

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